“We met Michele when my son was 2 and a half years old and he was diagnosed with Autism.  At that time, my child’s sensory system was not developed enough for him to form words, and he was angry a lot.  Michele was very supportive and helpful in finding me needed services for my son. Within the next year and half my child made significant growth in his speech abilities which I feel is related to the tactile intervention that he received through Michele. Also, therapy with Michele is very hands on which Alex really seemed to benefit from”.        

Angelina Torres

 “I can’t believe the difference Michele has made in my son’s speech in such a short amount of time (12 therapy sessions).  I attribute this to Michele and her experience with PROMPT therapy, a tactile treatment approach, along with the one on one intervention that my son has had with Michele.  Everyone notices the improvement in my child’s speech!”

Thank you so much Michele!               

Amy Shattuck

“With Michele’s combined efforts and therapeutic techniques we have seen a dramatic change and improvement in our son’s articulation and ability to communicate.  The PROMPT method provides a tactile treatment for individuals with speech disorders. The therapist uses his/her hands to cue correct articulation movements”.

David R. and Elizabeth Todd