Speech and language assessment and intervention for children from birth through adolescence, including children with:
• Developmental articulation/phonological delays
• Motor speech impairments; dyspraxia and developmental dysarthria
• Cleft lip and palate
• Stuttering
• Hearing impairments
• Autism
For young children with Autism, Michele utilizes a treatment approach based on developing attention, engagement, initiation and back-and-forth reciprocal communication exchanges with caregivers, through play based intervention that capitalize on the child’s areas of interest.
• Auditory processing deficits
• Developmental language delays
• Congenital cognitive based speech/language deficits related to medical conditions such as: Prader Willy syndrome, Cru-du-cha, Down’s Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy
• Speech and language assessment/intervention for adults with acquired communication disorders including apraxia of speech and aphasia.
• Accent reduction

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